Goulash Suppe - $4.95

Tagesuppe - $3.50


With Horseradish. - $6.95
With Bay Shrimp. - $7.95

Hahnchen Brust Au Spinat - $6.95
Or with Shrimp.

Herring Filet "Hausfrauenart" - $6.95
Served with boiled potatoes.

Gebackenen Camembert - $6.95
Served with lingonberries.

Breaded Froglegs - $7.95

Bratwurst On Skewer - $6.95
With Sauerkraut.

Wurst Salad - $7.95

Chicken Fingers - $5.95
With Rasberry Tip.


Lachs "Anglaise" - $15.95
Salmon in wine sauce covered with bay shrimp
served with potatoes and asparagus.

Orange Roughy Mit Kapern - $16.95
Pan-fried orange roughy covered with capers
served with parsley potatoes.

Jakobs Muscheln "Neptune" - $15.95
Scallops in a light paprika sauce
served with angel hair pasta.

Shrimp In Beerbatter - $14.95
Served with parsley potatoes.

Shrimp and Scallops - $16.95
In garlic butter
served with rice.

Breaded Orange Roughy - $14.95
Served with German potato salad.


Wurst Peanne - $13.95
Polish Sausage, Bratwurst, Knackwurst
served in a pan with sauerkraut and fried potatoes.

Served with German fries.
VEAL - $18.95
PORK - $14.95

Cordon Bleu Veal - $19.95
Served with roasted potatoes and creamed vegetables.

Forsterkotelett - $15.95
Sauteed pork chops covered with portobellos and mushrooms
Served with herb potatoes, bacon beans and applesauce.

Schnitzel Ala Holstein - $15.95
Sauteed pork filet covered with egg, anchovies and capers
served with rice and peas.

Zigeunerspies - $16.95
Pork filet on the skewer covered with bell peppers
served with french fries

Zwiebelrostbraten - $17.95
Beef filet covered with deep fried onions
served with roasted potatoes and red cabbage.

Huhnerbrust Calbados - $13.95
Chicken breast in a cream sauce with apple schnapps
served with spaizles.
Filet Mignon - $19.95
Served with herb potatoes and bacon beans.


Rindsfilet "Madagaskar" - $21.95
Beef filet covered with a spicy pepper sauce
served with spatzles.

Jagerschnitzel - $13.95
Scallop of pork covered with mushroom sauce
served with spatzles

Rindsroulade - $13.95
A famous German dish served with red cabbage
and mashed potatoes.

Schweinebraten - $13.95
Pork roast with dumpling and sauerkraut.

Sauerbraten - $14.95
Marinated beef roast served with dumpling
red cabbage and cranberry sauce.

Filetgoulash "Stroganoff" - $16.95
Sliced beef filet in a paprika-pickle ham, mushroom cognac sauce
finished with a heavy cream, served with spatzles.

Bauernschmaus - $17.95
Combination of pork roast, roulade and smoked pork
served with sauerkraut, dumpling and mashed potatoes.

Piccata "Milanaise" - $17.95
Veal cutlet dipped in egg butter with parmesan
served on a bed of linguini with tomato sauce.

Huhnerbrust "Noisettee" - $13.95
Chicken breast breaded with bread crumbs and walnuts
served with German potato salad.

Huhnerbrust "Punijab" - $14.95
Sauteed chicken tenders in curry sauce with pineapple and almonds
served with rice.

Side Dishes - $2.50


Palatschinken - $5.95
"Art Des Hauses"
Or with blueberries.

Geb Applerings - $5.95
In vanilla sauce.

Ice Cream With Hot Rasberries - $4.00

Cheesecake - $4.50
With Rasberries Or Blueberries